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The GetUp Board works with the GetUp team and members to set the movement's strategy. It also manages the organisation's finances, legal compliance and risks.

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    GetUp is an independent, not for profit community campaigning organisation, incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. GetUp receives no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations.

    GetUp's purpose is set out in our constitution – to advance progressive public policy in Australia. We do this by empowering everyday people to have their say.

    GetUp's corporate structure is such that every board director is also a 'Full Member' of the company. These Members are not to be confused with 'GetUp members' who are the hundreds of thousands of everyday people from across the country who power our campaigns.

    There are also three additional 'Founding Members' who are not board directors:

    • Amanda Tattersall – Amanda is a recognised scholar and community organiser. She co-founded GetUp in 2005 and then Sydney Alliance in 2007. She is also the Host of the ChangeMakers Podcast.
    • David Madden – David is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist. He co-founded GetUp and then in 2007. He now runs Phandeeyar, a tech hub developing Myanmar's innovation ecosystem.
    • Jeremy Heimans – Jeremy is an influential entrepreneur and political activist, currently co-founder and CEO of Purpose. He co-founded GetUp and then in 2007. He is also co-author of the book 'New Power'.

    To access GetUp's constitution, click here.

  • Interested in joining GetUp’s Board?

    GetUp directors have three year terms with a maximum tenure of nine years. While we may not be actively recruiting right now, expressions of interest are welcome at any time. Board directorships are voluntary and unpaid.

    At GetUp, we know our capacity to drive progressive change is increased when our team has a diversity of backgrounds and experience. We are always actively looking for applicants from a diverse range of genders, cultures, language groups, abilities and experiences to apply.