Phil Ireland

Phil Ireland is a strategist, policy expert and digital campaigning professional. Phil has over a decade’s experience working across a range of organisations from Not-For-Profits to Government to the private sector. Phil’s current role is the Managing Director for the Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN), working across some of the world’s largest digital campaigning organisations including in the US, Campact in Germany and 38 Degrees in the UK. Phil holds a Ph.D. in climate change and development in addition to a B.Sc (Hons I) and B.A. He has authored several peer-reviewed academic articles, book chapters and articles in the public media. He is a Conjoint Academic at The University of Newcastle and has conducted occasional lectures at conferences and academic institutions including Macquarie University and the Geneva Center for Security Policy. Phil is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

GetUp Board

The GetUp Board works with the GetUp team and members to set the movement's strategy. It also manages the organisation's finances, legal compliance and risks.
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